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Grant Anderson
Grant Anderson

New York, NY

Product Design at Google. Previously @socratic, @live, @foursquare and @Salesforce. Indie fanboy. Occasional freelancer.

  1. Socratic: Groups color dark education groups homework ios fun mobile light teens ui ux
  2. Socratic: Math stepper color blue education fun homework ios math mobile nav teens ui ux
  3. Socratic: Chat color education fun homework ios light mobile nav teens ui ux chat
  4. Socratic: Nav nav homework ux ui mobile education ios teens fun light dark color
  5. Socratic! ux ui mobile education ios teens drawer fun dark colors color
  6. Live: Saved Lists mobile ux ui ios lists list map drawer dots dark colors color
  7. Live: Search tags ux ui ios filter map search dots dark colors color
  8. Live: Legend usage mobile ux ui ios filter map drawer dots dark colors color
  9. Live: Legend colors mobile ios ui ux time drawer filter dots dark map
  10. Live: Profile ux ui lists photos light dark iphone ios mobile profile
  11. Live: Browselist dark ios iphone mobile map colors ui ux browse list listview
  12. Live: Map events vivid iphone ios visuals ux ui dots dark colors map
  13. Live dark map dots dark ui legend colors dark map visuals ux ui iphone x ios
  14. Top Picks pink browse discovery photos feed foursquare iphone app ios
  15. Oldschool Profile profile blue iphone ux ui app ios foursquare
  16. Foursquare iPad Travel and Map results explore discovery photos travel ipad ux ui app ios
  17. Foursquare iPad Homescreen to Search ios app ui ux ipad discovery explore white blue photos
  18. Foursquare for iPad landscape photos foursquare blue interface home explore ux ui ipad ios app
  19. All the tastes onboarding pink watermelon white blue visuals ux ui iphone device app ios
  20. Foursquare Venue Page ios iphone app foursquare 4sq green ui ux venue device
  21. Onboarding Explorations ios device app iphone ui ux blue green onboarding exploration foursquare 4sq
  22. Discovery Exploration discovery exploration ios app device iphone ui ux blue grey photos foursquare
  23. Netflix/Facebook ios app device iphone ui ux red black netflix facebook
  24. Salesforce1 - Dashboards ios salesforce enterprise app device iphone ui ux blue dashboard
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